First Age Friendly Event of the Year

Hi Everyone,
We hope you are enjoying this BEAUTIFUL CARIBOO WINTER’S DAY!  The sun is shining and the snow is sparkling.
We are pleased to announce our first event for 2018.  Josh Dickerson, part of the South Cariboo Rec Centre Expansion Working Group, will be presenting on the proposed  expansion project.  Age Friendly has followed this initiative with interest as the housing survey results indicated the interest people had in seeking local activities to support health and wellness.  We hope you will join us to learn more about this proposed project.
DATE:               Thursday, January 25, 2018
TIME:                1:30 TO 3:00 PM
PLACE:               Creekside Seniors Centre
                           501 Cedar Ave. – South of old Jr. High School
As always, we will have light refreshments and announcements of interest.  Please help us with our planning of this event by responding to this email or calling 250 791 6406 to confirm your attendance.
Hope to see you soon,
PS Thanks to the Cariboo Elders Building & Recreation Society and the Taoist Tai Chi organization for freeing up space for us to hold our event.
Lea Smirfitt

Lake has frozen

On Tuesday, December 5th the last open area of water on Green Lake froze over.

Follow the “Ice and Snow Report” for the 2017/18 winter season at the tab above.

The day before it froze.

The day before it froze.

Wildfire 2017 Gallery (under construction)

This introduction is incomplete and will be further expanded and edited.

Please submit any photos of your summer during the fire that you would like to share in the Elephant Hill Fire Gallery to
JulyReReducWho would have thought when the first ominous clouds of smoke rose from the Gustafson Fire just out side of 100 Mile House on July 6th that a second fire starting as far away as Ashcroft would wreak such massive devastation from there to Sheridan Lake. Many of our friends and neighbours in Ashcroft, Loon Lake and Pressy Lake would lose their homes, ranches and rangeland would be devastated and thousands of hectares of forest would be totally destroyed. Both sides of Green Lake and Watch Lake were under evacuation orders for extended periods of time with many of our fire fighters from both departments staying behind to assist the RCMP, the Military and the Structural Fire Specialists in patrolling the area and in protecting our properties.
D11reduc The Elephant Hill Wildfire threatened our community, but passed by just to the east.  Just when we thought the danger had passed, a north wind blew the flames back toward Watch Lake and came close to attacking us from that end.B1The fire finally stalled at Sheridan Lake, causing an evacuation of the area and a stretch of Highway 24.Don SchwartzReFor most of us who live and visit the GLARA community it has been a summer of stress, inconvenience and the loss of a season lakeside activity. We can be thankful, however, that no lives were lost and no private property was damaged. Unfortunately, it will take a lifetime for the surrounding forests to recover.B2

New Fire Activity

I have avoided posting fire news during the threat to our community from Elephant Hill wildfire since there has been so much posted elsewhere. The South Green Community Facebook site managed by Cheryl Groves has had excellent coverage and updates. All I would have had time to do would be to repeat what was readily available there. The last posting I made regarding the boating incident during the first assault on the fire by the skimmers offended someone in the boating community and was branded with the Trumpism “fake news.” Twelve firefighters witnessed the “alleged” boater and the “alleged” planes, but I guess they were reporting “alternate facts”.

Today we have a current issue that could cause a lot of concern, but the fire has, for the most part, passed by on the east side of Mount Jim and Mount Jack. A flare-up to the north east occurred yesterday afternoon and drew a lot of attention for all of the services involved and even resulted in a false alarm issue that saw the beginning of another Evacuation Order complete with Military and RCMP attendance.

To set matters straight the Northside Fire Chief, Andy Palaniak, has issued the following activity report:

We had a very busy night last night. BC Wildfire had done an incredible amount of work securing fire guards along the north flank of the Elephant Hill fire in order to protect the Watch Lake Green Lake area. In addition to this they were dealing with many hotspots within the perimeter. The helicopters and skimmers have been working the maximum allowable flying hours every day. We were informed of a pending wind event yesterday and everyone involved, BCWS, Watch/North Green VFD and South Green VFD, were prepared as we could get. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has her own ideas and fired up the hotspots with the wind and pushed the fire in a north easterly direction thru Little Green Lake.
Your fire department spent the entire night assisting BCWS with water tender support and patrolling the eastern end of both Watch and Green Lakes. Some residents were evacuated.
The wind has died down this morning, but is supposed to be picking up again later today.
We along with BCWS are on top of the situation and public safety remains our number one priority. (Aug 30–6:45am)

Then, when we thought things were getting a bit better, this happened:

Williams Lake, B.C. – Effective immediately, the Cariboo Regional District has issued an evacuation order for an area south of Highway 24, including the areas of Watch Lake, Little Horse Lake, Little Green Lake and the western side of Sheridan Lake. Adjacent areas south of Highway 24 remain on evacuation alert and the alert has now expanded to include some areas north of Highway 24.

Due to immediate danger to life safety, members of the RCMP or other groups will be expediting the evacuation order. The evacuation route is: Highway 24 to 100 Mile House

View a map of the order areas here:

View a map of the alert areas here:


You must leave the area immediately.
Close all windows and doors.
Shut off all gas and electrical appliances, other than refrigerators and freezers.
Close gates (latch) but do not lock.
Gather your family: take a neighbour or someone who needs help.
Take critical items (medicine, purse, wallet, and Keys) only if they are immediately available. Take pets in pet kennels or on leash.
Do not use more vehicles then you have to.
Do not use the telephone unless you need emergency service.
Register with Emergency Support Services (ESS) in 100 Mile House at the South Cariboo Recreation Centre at 175 Wrangler Way.


Boating incident

​Residents and landowners of the Green Lake Watch Lake Area​

There was an incident on the east end of Green Lake during the Jim Lake fire that authorities have contacted me about and they are requesting information.
Specifically, when the water bombers were landing on the lake, there was a pleasure craft seen boating around the landing area of the bombers and basically interfering with the fire fighting efforts. The authorities are looking for any photographs or videos that you may have that show that the boat and planes. They want to determine how close he was to the landing area.

Please contact me or email me any photos or videos you may have. Your help is appreciated.

Just for your information, it is the law to remove yourself from the area immediately if aircraft are using a lake for fire fighting efforts. It is a criminal offence to interfere with approaching and departing water bombers.

Andy Palaniak
Fire Chief
Watch Lake North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department
5771 Green Lake N Road
70 Mile House BC
V0K 2K1


Visit the Seventy Mile Access Centre – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Pre-owned furniture, electronics and clothing.

And, best of all, always a friendly face to welcome the customers.

smac2smac1photos by Jack Dekens

Just before the ice.

Green Lake Morning by Bob White and Dale Heggtveit

Rezoning Town Hall Meeting



Our Lake

photo by Jack Dekens

Environment and water study documentation.

The following important environmental and water study documentation in PDF form is now collected under the Environment & Water Tab above.

      Results from GLARA Survey of Membership on Environmental Concerns in the        Green Lake and Watch Lake Area

      Green Lake OCP Area Watershed Assessment (Sediment Source Survey, Riparian Assessment and Reconnaissance Channel Assessment)

      BC Lake Stewardship and Monitoring Program studies of Watch Lake and Green Lake

                         The Importance of Watch Lake & its Watershed

                         The Importance of Green Lake & its Watershed