Age Friendly – Steering Committee – Volunteers

Age Friendly Society of the South Cariboo is seeking volunteers to participate as
members of our Steering Committee. Please see the attached letter. –> STEERING COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT 022117

55+ South Cariboo Housing Survey

Thanks to all who contributed. There was an excellent response and a summary should be published soon.

Invasive Species BC – Strategy Survey


The Invasive Species Strategy for British Columbia (the ‘Strategy’) completed in May 2012, is a strategic framework for improved invasive species management in British Columbia. It offers a foundation for invasive species work across BC and is the basis for our programs and efforts. As the 5-year implementation period drew to a close at the end of 2016, there is a need to both measure the success of the last five-year period and seek input from stakeholders across the province for revising the Strategy for 2018-2022. To do so we need your input. If you have been involved in invasive species management during 2012-2016 please fill out our survey to measure the success of the Strategy. link here —> Survey

Winter Hazard Warning

On January 1st a notice to the Community page on Facebook warned that there was a 150′-200′ dock extending into the lake.

This dock is fully covered with snow and is a serious hazard that will cause serious injury.

A Snowmobiler hit it on New Years day and went to the hospital this morning as the pain and ability not to walk was very overwhelming .

This individual’s snowmobiling season is done for the year due to this injury.

Luckily the person was traveling at a safe speed. If the snowmobiler wasn’t, it would of been a significantly more serious situation.

The dock is located between the Snowmobile Club area and Boulder Road on South Green Lake. Please be aware of hidden dangers when out snowmobiling.

Remember Summer?

Just to brighten up the day a bit as the snow falls outside.
photos by Dale Heggtveit & Bob White


Visit the Seventy Mile Access Centre – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Pre-owned furniture, electronics and clothing.

And, best of all, always a friendly face to welcome the customers.

smac2smac1photos by Jack Dekens

Just before the ice.

Green Lake Morning by Bob White and Dale Heggtveit

Rezoning Town Hall Meeting



9th annual Biodiversity Tour at Silver Hills Ranch in Lumby

Sent on behalf of Lee Hesketh…

Hello everyone,

You’re invited to attend the 9th annual Biodiversity Tour and “Finding Common Ground” field day and social on November 25th in Lumby. The event is organized and hosted by Lee Hesketh, a rancher, facilitator, mediator, program manager with BC Cattlemen’s Association, and Fraser Basin Council director. Lee writes:

“Over the past 9 years, my family and friends have hosted a field day showcasing how the ranching community in our area has worked to protect and enhance the environment through promoting sustainable and innovative land management practices working with other stakeholders… This year I’m focusing on the possibility of restoring fish passage for salmon above BC Hydro’s Wilsey Dam… In recent years I have participated with the Wilsey Dam Fish Passage Committee composed of a broad cross-section of stakeholders. Through dedicated efforts of those individuals, the concept has moved up several steps in BC Hydro’s fish passage evaluation process. I see this as being a very significant time to increase the public discussion and provide greater awareness of the process in restoring passage.” Read the rest of this entry »

Our Lake

photo by Jack Dekens